Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to EurAsian Journal of Leadership!

The newly formed Eurasian Economic Union underscores the importance of Eurasia, economically, politically and commercially. Leadership as a discipline touches about all of these areas. EurAsian Journal of Leadership (EAJoL), aims to explore leadership in this context, covering an array of topics within this discipline. In tandem with its core mission, EAJoL, is created with the view of closing the gap between Russian speaking scholars and those of the English ones, as many non-English speaking scholars’ important work and contribution to the body of knowledge about leadership is simply being lost and overlooked due to language barrier. On behalf of the managing team and our chairman of the board, I invite you to join this and contribute to the dissemination of, and contribution to the field of leadership.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Cameron A. Batmanghlich (PhD)

Executive Director of EAJoL
Deputy Dean of Graduate School of Business Director of the MBA department ALMA University

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